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Welcome to lovely hands.

Lovely hands is about exceptional products that protect or care for your hands – gloves or creams and treatments. Lovely hands is also about you – ensuring your needs are met and you experience excellent customer care and service.

I am Clare, a trained beauty therapist and nail technician, lovely hands is my new business. I am also a keen gardener, walker, cyclist, DIY’er etc…. so great gloves and amazing skin and nail care are essential to me. There are lots of people with busy hands – just like me – and I’d like to share the products I have discovered with you too.

Protecting & caring for your hands – skin & nails – takes knowledge and the right products. Whether your personal style is natural or you love a gel or acrylic manicure, lovely hands has products for you that will protect and care for your skin & nails whilst enabling you to get on with the tasks in your life beautifully.

Protecting gloves that hug – we have high quality gloves from Industrial origins for gardening & domestic tasks, hobbies & pet care – for when you need to protect your hands and keep them clean. These gloves are designed for specific tasks and environments, for durability, to fit closely and give maximum dexterity.

Caring creams that love – we have Beauty Salon branded skin & nail care products that bring a touch of luxury that fits into your day. A daily thank you for hardworking hands. These products are best in class, used by professionals to achieve luxuriously lasting results.

A combination of both will give you everything you need to feel that you, too, have lovely hands.

Hand and nail care by lovely hands