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As a manicurist / nail technician I always talk to my clients about the benefits of wearing gloves for washing up, housework and especially gardening. If we can minimise the hands contact with water, cleaning products and dirt that requires a good scrub to get rid of then our skin and nails tend to stay in better condition and look more attractive.

Some people passionately agree and reel off all the things they wear gloves for. Other people reel off all the reasons in their armory for not wearing gloves; I’m always in a rush, I buy them but don’t wear them as gloves don’t fit very well, I can’t feel anything when I wear gloves so I take them off for fiddly jobs, no one makes gloves for small hands, I can’t get nice gloves to fit my large hands, I know I should but…., gel polish / acrylic treatments make my nails indestructible, I’m X years old and not going to change now!

Which camp do you find yourself in?

No matter what your stance there is a glove out there for you, that is perfect for you and the task, and the mission of www.lovely is to help you find that glove so you can protect and care for your lovely hands.

A good starting point is to look at the glove categories.

Then when you have found what you like / is useful check your size out with our hand measurement guides.

Lovely hands have provided solutions for ladies with very small hands (Size 5 XXS) to larger hands (Size 11). No matter what size your hands we can find gloves for you that fit better than anything you have tried before and that are more durable than anything you have had before. This means that you will wear the gloves, and love wearing them.

Lovely hands specialise in gloves from Industrial origins, these gloves are designed for people who work in gloves so comfort and dexterity are key design considerations. The task and the working environment are also critical design factors. So there is more research and design going into these gloves than anything available on the high street.

So whether you are a glove lover or glove shy lovely hands are confident that we can delight you with gloves.