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Hands do sweat, often at the most inconvenient of times, at job interviews and when meeting your future in-laws for example. What can be done about it? Cold water run over the wrists? Wafting them about in the air hoping for evaporation? Wiping on our clothes?

ATG are the manufacturers of the Maxiflex range of gloves, available at www.lovely, in research they have found that the palms of the hands have 238% more sweat glands per square centimeter, on average, than the rest of our body.  ATG design and manufacture gloves for industry and sweaty hands is one of the most common needs they have had to find a solution for – no one wants to wear a glove that traps in the sweat for the whole day. To meet this need with a solution ATG developed the Maxiflex Ultimate glove.

Ultimate gloves are the worlds first to have All Day Anti-Perspirant Technology AD-APT®.
The patented AIRtech
® technology platform that provides 360° breathability works in partnership with the AD-APT® technology platform to keep your hands cool, dry and productive even in tough conditions. AD-APT® starts to work the minute it senses movement and increased heat generation.

So wearing the Ultimate gloves will make the wearer feel more comfortable and will ensure they can work without the distraction and restrictions caused by sweaty palms.