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This is the stuff dreams are made of, gardening gloves that are not only comfortable to wear, keep your hands clean and protected and have 5/5 dexterity – they beautify your hands as you wear them.

How is it possible that you have not found out about this before?

The answer is that until www.lovely discovered these gloves and began selling them to gardeners no one else was.

So ‘tell me more!’ I hear you cry.

Ok, so Active gloves are made by ATG, a company who design and manufacture gloves for industry. They are kept so busy doing that they don’t have time to think about us gardeners. Fortunately, lovely hands does have the time and inclination to spread the word to fellow gardeners.

The liners of the Active gloves are impregnated with Aloe vera and Vitamin E, this is released while you work, taking care of your hands during and after work. Your whole hand will come into contact with these ingredients and will be touched by the ‘wellbeing effect’.

Genuine customer comments –

Having worn the usual cotton gardening gloves for years I was amazed how comfortable the Active gloves were – felt luxurious! They are soft, snug and stretchable with a good fitting cuff.  Great for lighter work but very hard wearing none the less.  No more dirty nails for me since using these gloves!   As an everyday gardener, my usual cotton gloves do not last very long but these gloves are as good as new after 3 months hard use.  Have already bought a replacement pair as I don’t ever want to be without them now.

Best gardening gloves I have ever used. Fit well and you can feel what you are doing and mine have lasted ages. Definitely recommend them.

I especially love the moisturising gloves & think these will really come into their own during the winter months when my hands are especially prone to dryness and soreness. Cool colours and look good too.

Hand sizes 5 – 11.

Buy, try them out then add your comments to the website!