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Does anyone sell gardening gloves for ladies with small hands? Yes! Hello, my name is Clare and I have set up my company www.lovely to offer a solution to this very popular question.

Lovely hands stock a range of gardening gloves, for a wide range of hand sizes (5-12) and for a variety of types of gardening jobs. We say we have ‘gloves that hug’, they fit so well that you could describe it as your hands being hugged by the gloves. The excellent fit also provides the benefit that you can feel what you are doing really well when wearing them.

First step is the glove sizing chart, lets get some clarity on the measurements of your hands. When you know your size take a look at the glove categories to find the right glove for the job.

The smallest gloves we offer are a size 5 XS in 3 gloves; Active, Ultimate and Showa 370.The majority of the range broadens at size 6, small.

Why can lovely hands sell gloves that fit ladies small hands so well when no one else does? Because we have identified this rarely solved need ourselves, I’m a size 6/7 and could not get anything to fit so I can appreciate the struggles ladies with smaller hands have. The solution came when I discovered industrial gloves, these are designed so much better than anything you can buy typically for gardening.

Why are industrial gloves better for gardening in than ‘gardening gloves’? Industrial gloves are designed with different outcomes in mind. They are designed for specific tasks and for a comfortable fit, both of these criteria are measured in EN standards, EN420 and EN388. More information can be found here.

I hope this information has been helpful and I look forward to you shopping with us and being thoroughly relieved and delighted that finally, you have found your ‘gloves that hug’ x.