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Nailtiques Protein Formula – does it work? Yes! I have had great success with a couple of finger nails that had (see, past tense!) different issues and I am going to share my learnings and future progress here. My name is Clare, I am a beauty therapist / manicurist / nail tech by training and I have nail problems like everyone else. I have access to professional products which myself and my clients put through their paces. We will report back in these blogs.

This is my index finger, left hand. You will see a dark line on the free edge (white end) of my nail, this was a split until about 4 weeks ago, now it is back to being a strong resilient nail. How did I do it?

Just before I tell you, the backstory of this nail is that the split has been there for about two and a half years. I have used fibre glass and nail glue from the beauty wholesalers and I have had acrylic applied. Both treatments allowed the nail to grow, because it had some protection and support, but the treatments did not fix the split.

In life, as with nails, I do believe in getting to the root cause of the problem and seeing if it can be fixed as opposed to covering it up and forgetting about it. I discovered Nailtiques just this summer, a recommendation from a client. I was skeptical but decided to give it a go.

I have applied Nailtiques Formula 1 – Maintenance for normal nails to my nails every other day for nearly 3 months (started mid August), about 4 weeks ago I noticed that this nail did not have a split in any longer. Wow, deep exhale, this is a massive relief and success in all in one and will make a difference to my life.

No more filing the nail down short so it doesn’t catch, no more packing my nail repair kit if going away overnight. When something that you have cared about and nurtured suddenly heals it leaves a gap in your life, one that is now filled with relief and disbelief. I want to share this hope and product with you.

Top tips;

  1. always keep a good quality nail file on you to smooth a split nail end before it catches and goes deeper.
  2. apply Nailtiques in a thin coat, cap the nail tip and try and get some underneath as well, every other day.
  3. remove with non-acetone remover – I really think this made a difference.
  4. I teamed Nailtiques up with CND Rescue RXx Daily Keratin treatment, applied twice a day, its an oil with keratin in, a 2 pronged attack if you will.
  5. avoid immersing your hands in water – wear gloves if washing up. Why? Nails absorb water, if you are putting Nailtiques on it will offer some protection against the effects of the water but if the nails swell a bit when they have absorbed water Nailtiques will peel off. I swim regularly so I made sure I reapplied nailtiques after if needed.
  6. with nail splits I find that I can feel them when I wash my hair, and strands of hair go through the split. This will prevent fixing, hence why I have started to wear nitrile gloves while washing my hair now for extra protection.
  7. keep an eye on your hands, try to stop grabbing at things when looking the other way, that’s when you will knock your nail and suffer a set back. Slow hand movements down and be mindful when reaching out, tuck your finger with the healing nail in to protect it when putting on your coat for example.

Nailtiques Formula 1 has worked on fixing this nail, with information from the rep I have just started using Nailtiques Formula 3 on four other nails. I will blog the reasons why and progress separately.

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Email me (details on website) if you are not sure which Formula you need.