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Nailtiques have three Protein Formula’s, No.1, 2 & 3. How do you know which one you need? Lovely hands ask; how do you know if you might need more than one Formula? Brief descriptions for each below, click on the links for more information.

Nailtiques Formula 1 – maintenance for normal nails

Nailtiques Formula 2 – treatment for soft, peeling, bitten, weak, split or thin nails

Nailtiques Formula 3 – care for naturally hard nails, fix splits

I know with my hands, that my 10 nails are not all in the same condition, I cannot be the only person! The nails that suffer the most are on my thumbs and my index fingers. Why is this? Well they do the most work, they are the digits that grab things, therefore they get used and knocked the most.

As per my first blog I have had great success using Nailtiques Formula 1, it has fixed a split in my index finger (left hand) and has stopped the slight peeling I had at the ends of my nails on my little, ring and middle fingers. I am having a tough time with my thumb nails however, so with the advice of the rep I am going to treat my thumb nails with Nailtiques Formula 3, and I am going to continue to treat the rest of my nails with Nailtiques Formula 1. Why?

Nailtiques Formula 3 is for ‘naturally hard nails’ and it is this condition that the rep says is the root cause of splits that run the length of the nail. The nail therefore needs more conditioning ingredients rather than more protein (which would make the nail harder). Well, take a look at my thumbs, I am desperate!

Left hand thumb.Right hand thumb.

And of course my nails fall apart the minute I decide to call my company ‘lovely hands’, there’s irony!

So as of Monday 6th November 2017, I will be treating my thumb nails with Nailtiques Formula 3, every other day, and when it needs removing only using non-acetone remover. In addition I also started taking a supplement with Biotin 100ug / 100 mg in it, this is apparently very good for brittle nails. I will blog weekly updates so I can share the progress with you in real time.

If you would like to read up on the products and purchase please follow the links above, lovely hands is an authorised stockist. We are competitively priced and give a quality nail file and orange stick with each purchase.

Email me (details on website) if you are not sure which Formula you need.