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Week 2 progress report – as I mentioned in week 1 I think the damage to this nail is as a result of over exposure to chemical products when I was doing a lot of Gel polish and Acrylic manicure treatments. The free edge of the nail is weak with a longitudinal split in it, there is a purple line in the lunula area (white half moon at the top of the nail) indicating matrix damage, I am hoping that this nails split can be rectified as per my left hand index finger.

My Nailtiques trial started on Mon 6th Nov 2017. I’m using Nailtiques Protein Formula 3 on my right hand thumb nail, and taking a Biotin 100 ug / 100 mg supplement. Lovely hands is an authorised stockist of Nailtiques products.

I am using Nailtiques Formula 3 on my reps recommendation, its for dry dehydrated nails, these type of nails can get longitudinal splits (cuticle down to the free edge). To attempt to repair the split the nail requires more conditioning ingredients than protein hardeners.

Above; Clare’s right hand thumb nail, bare 12.11.17. There is a split on the free edge that tracks back onto the nail bed. This nail needs lots of protection and support so as per week 1 I will be applying a small square of silk to it, covering the split.

Below; Clare’s right hand thumb nail with a second coat of Nailtiques Formula 3 over the silk. The silk pretty much disappears. 12.11.17. During the course of the week I discovered that it was possible to apply a second silk square to the nail, over the first.

Top tips;

  1. always keep a good quality nail file on you to smooth a split nail end before it catches and goes deeper.
  2. apply Nailtiques in a thin coat, cap the nail tip and try and get some underneath as well, every other day.
  3. remove with non-acetone remover – I really think this makes a difference.
  4. avoid immersing your hands in water – wear gloves if washing up. Why? Nails absorb water, if you are putting Nailtiques on it will offer some protection against the effects of the water but if the nails swell a bit when they have absorbed water Nailtiques will peel off. I swim regularly so I will ensure I reapply nailtiques after if needed.
  5. with nail splits I find that I can feel them when I wash my hair, and strands of hair go through the split. This will prevent fixing, hence why I apply the silk. I have started to wear nitrile gloves while washing my hair now for extra protection.
  6. keep an eye on your hands, try to stop grabbing at things when looking the other way, that’s when you will knock your nail and suffer a set back. Slow hand movements down and be mindful when reaching out, tuck your finger / thumb with the healing nail in to protect it when putting on your coat for example.

If you would like to read up on the products and purchase please follow the links above, lovely hands is an authorised stockist. We are competitively priced and give a quality nail file and orange stick with each purchase.

Email me (details on website) if you are not sure which Formula you need.