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The best waterproof gardening gloves I have found that suit both men and women are these; Showa 306. Why so good?

£11, postage approximately £1 depending on final weight.

Firstly the Showa 306’s are designed for use in industry – this means designed for people to wear for long periods of time in their job. A glove has to conform to stringent comfort and performance standards to be able to reach industrial quality, these standards are EN420 and EN388. Lovely hands specialises in finding and selling outstanding industrial gloves that can be used for gardening, domestic tasks and hobbies.

Secondly the whole 306 glove is waterproof, not just the palm, so they are great for gardening or landscaping during or after rain. The latex coating is textured and enables a high level of grip. They were excellent to wear for clearing snow recently. Buy now. Showa 306 gloves Showa 306 gloves

Thirdly your hands will stay warm and dry inside the 306 gloves even when the external working conditions are cold or damp. In the UK we are used to being exposed to changeable weather conditions, so its good to know that the 306’s perform well in warmer conditions too, when you still need waterproof gloves. The Showa 306’s are made of aerated latex foam for breathability and to reduce perspiration.

Finally the 306’s are constructed to be free of seams. What does this mean? Seams can rub and irritate the skin, so if you are wearing gloves for an extended period of time you will feel the difference. Buy now. Showa 306 pigs Showa 306 gloves

The 306 gloves feel soft and flexible to wear, they have a nice high knitted wrist so you can tuck them under clothes. The 306’s have great dexterity, meaning you can really feel what you are doing.

£11, postage approximately £1 depending on final weight.

Rated 5 out of 5


I wanted a pair of gloves that would keep my hands dry and also not lose any sensitivity when doing delicate or fiddly tasks, such as fine weeding. I always seem to end up taking my gloves off as I can’t feel what I am doing and then getting too muddy and wet to put them back on again. These gloves are brilliant, like a second skin. My hands stay nice and dry, I can feel what I’ m doing and I don’t get my nails caked in mud – perfect. Thank you Lovely Hands. Showa 306 gloves hay Showa 306 gloves

Size 6 Small – ladies / men

Size 7 Medium – ladies / men

Size 8 Large / X Large (stretches) – ladies / men

Size 9 X large / XX large –  these gloves are considerably bigger across the palm than the size 8’s.

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