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The best thermal & waterproof gloves for horse riding and yard work. Protect skin on hands from becoming hard and dry in winter weather conditions with the best thermal & waterproof gloves when out with your horse. Suits both men and women.

Just imagine your hands in warm waterproof gloves – so no wet hands in the morning or evening when grooming, opening gates or washing water and feed bowls. The skin on your hands will be smoother and softer too.

Lovely hands is an authorised stockist of Showa & Ejendal Tegera gloves, high performance gloves from industry that we believe are just as perfect for hobbies and general wear. Thermal & waterproof with great dexterity, dexterity is good enough that you can do many fiddly tasks with them on. Showa 306 gloves Horse jacket Showa 306 gloves Horse jacket Tegera 517 gloves horse cleaning feet Tegera 517 gloves horse cleaning feet

Postage is approx £1.50 per pair of gloves depending on final weight.

All gloves have good fingertip sensitivity, are flexible, good grip, good fit, comfortable. Tegera 517 gloves Tegera 517 gloves

Thermal synthetic leather gloves, which are also water & windproof – with an elasticated and velcro extended length wrist fastening. Dexterity level 3/5. Latex stitching. Tegera 517 gloves – sizes 6 – 12, £14. More info / buy now. Showa 306 gloves Showa 306 gloves

Latex foam coated grip gloves, fully waterproof, elasticated knitted wrist. Breathable, reduces perspiration, good dexterity level. Not thermal but are warm gloves. Showa 306 gloves – sizes 6 – 8 £11, more info / buy now.

Postage is around £1 per pair depending on final weight.

At Lovely hands we love to delight our customers and with these gloves we are getting great reactions and feedback. People are really surprised that such good looking, lightweight gloves are delivering on both thermal, warm and waterproof qualities without compromising touch – perfect for winter wear. Show 306 gloves Horse water Show 306 gloves Horse water

For dry warmer weather we recommend the Maxiflex range – Elite, Ultimate or Active.  

This range of gloves is made from nitrile, they fit like a second skin and have 5/5 dexterity levels. Elite is the finest glove you will find (palm thickness 0.75 mm)  that will still offer good protection, breathability and grip. Ultimate and Active are slightly thicker (palm thickness 1 mm) but have either an antiperspirant or moisturiser built in! Elite gloves Horse Elite gloves Horse


ATG Ultimate glove Equine, horse care reins

ATG Ultimate glove Equine, horse care reins


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