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Looking for hand and nail care gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, thank you or thinking of you presents? Lovely hands has a super range of products to suit anyone and any personal preferences.

The different seasons in the UK can all bring about different skin and nail needs, we prioritise dry skin in the winter and sun protection in the summer, our nails might need differing levels of protection and strength all year round. Covid has meant that increased hand washing and sanitizer use has made people more aware of their hands and how they look. As we age the skin and fat layers on the hands thin considerably and this again means we need to reassess our needs.

28th January 2022 – Exciting update, I will have the new Protein Formulas for Nails range mid next week! You can pre order and pay on my website now, follow this link. Click here for new Protein Formula for Nails.

Hand care

The lovely hands range of hand cream contains balm, light and rich creams as well as sheilding lotions.

Sheilding lotions (Gloves in a bottle) are light weight, hypo allergenic and non fragranced. They bind to the skin to keep moisture in, need topping up every 4 hours to suit.

Range prices from £6.99 – £22.


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Nail care

The lovely hands range of nail and cuticle balm, creme and oils.

Apply as many times a day as suits your needs, adds condition, strength and flexibility. Can be used over nail treatments or polishes.

Range prices from £4 – £20.

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