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In the UK our feet spend the majority of the year covered up, socks and tights keeping many dreaded secrets hidden from the view of ourselves and others. What are these potentially embarrassing foot secrets we keep? Sweaty feet? Fungal infections of the skin and / or nails? Dry, sore, painful skin? Cracked heels? Skin cracks between the toes? Cuticles covering the toes, especially the little toe? Hard skin? Rough dead skin? Calluses? Bunions? Ingrowing toe nails? Hairy toes? Smelly feet and footwear?

If we worry about any of these common foot care conditions and get confused about how to treat them it seems as if everyone else we see has beautiful, we assume easy to maintain, trouble free feet. Sometimes life doesn’t seem fair, however I bet  the truth is that the majority of the people whose feet we notice and envy do take care of their feet and we just need to find the quick, effective fixes they already know about.

My name is Clare, my online business is lovely hands. Hands and feet are pretty similar so a lot of the products I have on offer in my online business are applicable for feet as well as hands, or the Brands have a foot care alternative on offer. I am beauty therapy and nail technician trained so I will only come from this angle, there are Pharmacists, Chiropodists, and Podiatrists in everyones local area who are more specialsed in many more areas than myself.

In this feature I will cover foot care tips for use at home, to get that salon look and feel, and as you will see these products translate into great Christmas or any other time gifts for friends or family. Gift wrapping is available.

Caring for and treating the skin on the feet

If we regularly check and take care of our feet we can prevent some skin conditions on the feet getting established, for example cracked heels, sore skin cracks between toes and hard skin build up. The Foot Peel booties mentioned below are the product that can reset the clock and enable you to get ahead with your foot health overhaul by treating the skin and causing layers of it to peel off leaving behind fresh new skin. All other products will maintain the feet or treat and prevent in a more gentle way.

  1. Skin removal products
  2. Skin treatment products
  3. Moisturising products

1. Skin removal products


  • Foot Peel booties by Skin Republic peels dead skin on the feet after 7 days. It helps to remove calluses and rough skin, soothes rough, dry feet and heels. This product is suited to those people who have got a real build up of hard skin that they want to get rid of once and for all. Containing a foot serum to remove calluses, cracked heels and rough, dry skin after 7 days. The concentrated serum delivers essential nutrients to the skin, revitalising the appearance of the feet. The instructions are to wear the booties for 1.5 – 2 hours, then wash the feet thoroughly to stop the peeling action continuing beyond 2 hours. Dead skin will naturally peel off after 7 – 10 days. Do not physically pull or tear off the skin during the peeling process, the skin will peel off naturally. To be used once every 6 weeks, individual results may vary. The key ingredients are Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) and Saliclic Acid, they are not suited to senstitive skin or skin that is inflammed or has open wounds . Contra indicated from treatment are people with diabetes, poor circulation, eczema or who are prone to cellulitis, children under the age of 12 years, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Skin can also be sensitive to sun exposure for up to a week after use so take precautions. Patch testing is recommended on your skin before use. The booties and packaging are biodegradable. Skin Republic is a scientifically formulated, dermatologist-tested range combining the lastest advances in skin care with natural plan extracts. Concentrated nutrient rich ingredients nourish and hydrate, helping you maintain healthy looking, glowing skin. Buy now. 1 pair £10.
  • Kaseo Mulberry & Pomegranate Sorbet Hand Scrub is also suited to use on the feet. A luxurious hand & foot scrub which deeply exfoliates to help replenish the skin. The rejuvenating fusion of mulberry and pomegranate creates a truly indulgent experience while nourishing and moisturising. Skin is left feeling ultra soft and velvet smooth, ready for a mask or moisturising treatment. Buy now. 95ml tub £9. 
  • Pumice stone or foot file. I don’t sell these items at the moment but they are widely available and easy to use on a daily basis when having a bath or shower to keep on top of hard, rough skin starting to build up again.

2. Skin treatment products

Following on from any of the above methods of removing skin from the feet I have 2 types of foot mask. Applying a foot mask treatment does mean that you will be looking for a ‘me time’ slot in the diary.

3. Moisturising products

All the hand creams can be used just as easily and appropriately on the feet.

  • Sensitive skin

My strongest recommendations for sensitive skin would be Gloves in a bottle or Working hands. Both products are hypo allergenic and fragrance free.

  • Sweaty feet, or feet benefitting from a light fragrance.

I would love to hear back from people who try Gloves in a bottle on their feet. When ever I use it I am convinced that my feet sweat less than normal.

Moisturisers with a pleasant fragrance are; Nail Lux, Kaseo Cranberry Sensation, OPI Pro Spa and Badger foot balm in a portable tin.

  • Skin and toe nails prone to Fungal infections.

Definately consult the professionals – Pharmacists, Chiropodists, and Podiatrists – as fungal infections are contagious and can be caught or past on to others in close proximity via contaminated floors, shared bedding or towels.

My at home suggestion, which would compliment any treatments prescribed or recommended by the professionals, is to use the Aqueous cream with a few drops of Tea Tree oil in it at least once daily if not twice. The aqueous cream is acting as a carrier to dilute the Tea Tree oil, as it shouldn’t be used neat on the skin. Tea Tree oil is reknown for its anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti viral properties. This can be particularly focussed on the toe nails if the infection is mainly in that area. If possible wash feet at the start of the day and apply the Aqueous cream with a few drops of Tea Tree oil in it, and then again before bed. This means that your feet will be in contact with the Tea Tree oil contantly around the clock, gaining the anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti viral benefits. Buy both products for £5.

Medicated Talcum Powder is also a nice product to use on the feet, I don’t sell this at the moment but its are widely available in Pharmacy.

Caring for toe nails

  1. Nail file and cuticle pusher
  2. Nail treatments
  3. Nail oil

1. Nail file and cuticle pusher

To prevent ingrowing toe nails it is recommended to cut the toe nail straight across and not to shape it as much as you would your finger nails. A nail file will help you lightly shape the toe nail and remove any sharp bits on the nail edge that could snag on things. The cuticle pusher is best used when the skin on the feet has been soaked in warm water for a while as this means the cuticle will be softened and more able to be gently pushed back into shape. The aim is to not lift the cuticle as it needs to be joined to the nail as its primary function is to create a seal preventing infection getting under the skin or nail. The cuticle should only be gently pushed back to ensure its not overly stuck to the nail and travelling down the nail where it might rip. The point of maintaining the cuticle is to ensure it isn’t overly stuck to the nail and that it forms a pleasant shape which makes the toe nails look nice and well groomed. Buy now £1.50.

2. Nail treatments

If you would like a clear treatment product to complement your nail type, and to wear alone or under nail polish as a barrier, take a look at the range of Orly and Jessica products at lovely hands. From January 2022 I will have the new Nail Protein for Nails range of 4 products which are set to take the place left behind by nailtiques when that brand sadly exited the market in 2019. See the range here.

Register for the new Nail Protein for Nails range of 4 products by emailing

With age many people find that their toe nails get thicker and harder to cut, I think we all wish this would happen to our finger nails but no……. the best clear treatment products to use would be the equivalent to the former nailtiques protein formula 3, Orly Tough Cookie or Jessica Reward which is an equivalent to nailtiques protein formula 1. Both of these products will offer treatment but will not add to the hardness. Tough Cookie is for dry, dehydrated, hard nails and Reward is for normal nails.

28th January 2022 – Exciting update, I will have the new Protein Formulas for Nails range mid next week! You can pre order and pay on my website now, follow this link. Click here for new Protein Formula for Nails.

3. Nail oil

As per the above point about toe nails becoming thicker and harder with age, nail oil applied before bed could be a good idea, it will soften the nail and the surrounding skin and should make them easier to cut when used for a while. See the range here.

All products would make a lovely thoughful present for someone, and if you want they can be gift wrapped with a hand written message written on your behalf.







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