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Why launch lovely hands?

I have a thing about hands……I know they can make you feel confident or self conscious. I’m Clare and I’d like to be your ‘safe pair of hands’ when it comes to finding you great gloves that fit you and amazing hand and nail care treatments that deliver results.

Busy hands can be lovely hands as long as we take steps to protect and care for them. I have launched lovely hands because I have found that people are

  • not satisfied with the fit or performance of many gardening gloves
  • have not found the solution to their skin and nail issues

We use and look at our hands hundreds of times a day, we notice how they look and feel to us and reactions from others but do we take the next step to make them lovely hands? Do we know what products we need? Have we been disappointed with previous purchases? I know I have!

I have selected these products independently and I only recommend and sell what myself and my customers have tried and believe in. I am happy to help you with your choice and size of gloves and with the skin and nail care products – see contact details.

Lovely hands is about;

  • exceptional products
  • excellent customer care and service
  • value for money on products and delivery

This is a start-up business, launched September 2017, lets reach out to all those who can benefit so there can be more lovely hands out there with happier people attached to them!

Hands have a tough life; they come into contact with numerous drying and irritating factors during an hour, let alone a day – water, numerous chemicals in your home, work & hobby environments. Hands are one of the main areas of the body that start to show the signs of ageing, partly due to thin skin, mostly to do with all the things they do, all day, every day.

Have you ever considered the effects of indoor central heating or air conditioning on your hands? Similarly the great outdoors; the sun’s UV, heat, cold, wind. Be honest do you give your hands the TLC or consideration they deserve? A few key products, some advice and tips will have you feeling more confident that your hands are more comfortable and attractive in no time. Boost your confidence and enjoy lovely hands.


I am Clare, I recently retrained as a Nail Technician. Treatment time spent with manicure clients revealed 2 key needs;

  1. Clients really resisted the suggestion of wearing gloves until gloves that fitted very well were offered for aftercare sales
  2. A number of clients had very dry skin on their hands and didn’t know what they could do about it. What they did know was how it made them feel – that they didn’t want anyone to see their hands

Being proactive I set about helping my clients in both of these areas. Firstly advising on do’s and don’ts to incorporate into the daily routine and secondly researching products to stock that clients could buy and use at home in between treatments. And the rest, as they say is history (in the making!).

I’m Clare and it all started with my desire to be a nail technician with ‘lovely hands’ to inspire my clients, and carry on running the home and doing the garden around the job. It’s harder than it seems to juggle everything and look immaculate – especially with 3 cats! I was introduced to the Elite gloves by a landscape gardener, as I battled with mulching a struggling Leylandii hedge during the winter of 2016/17. My hedge is being attacked by aphids, it gets sprayed once or twice a year by a tree surgeon but I thought it should also get a nutritional boost to help it fight back.

Once I had tried them out and found them to be exceptional I shared my find with my clients who also raved about them. The key discovery has been that the gloves are hard wearing and offer maximum dexterity i.e. they do not stop you feeling or impede touch. I have since researched other industrial gloves for other uses around the home & garden and made them available here at www.lovely

Wearing gloves after having spent money on a gel or acrylic manicure makes complete sense; you are protecting your investment and ensuring that you get the greatest return on that nail treatment. You may find that, by wearing gloves, the treatment stays perfect for longer, no chips or lifting.


I’m Clare and I qualified as a Beauty Therapist in 1993, and as Nail Technician in 2017, I have a passion for high quality skin care products that deliver immediate and lasting results. I am offering leading brand Beauty salon products for home use here at www.lovely, along with the gardening / leisure gloves.

I have used cuticle oil and hand cream regularly, but learned that my clients were not aware of the products or the benefits of regular use.

  • Gel and acrylic nail treatments require daily aftercare to protect the natural nail and to maximise the performance of the products applied, many people having these treatments regularly are unaware of this. If they take a break from the treatments and go ‘au natural’ they are often shocked at the condition of their nails. Prevention is better than a cure, lovely hands can help with both.
  • Many ladies want their natural nails to ‘be strong and hard’ and are disappointed when they try lots of products and find their nails are getting worse – flaky and therefore weak. Natural nails should actually be flexible, not hard. There are many products at lovely hands that can enable you to achieve nail strength, length and resilience via increasing flexibility.
  • Some people have very dry skin on the backs of their hands that looks dull and grey and lacks the luminosity that we associate with healthy skin. With the right products comfort and radiance can be restored, you will gain confidence as your hands become more attractive and the results will be noticed by others.
  • Some people have come to accept that their thumb tips will have hard skin with deep cracks in during the winter months, not realising the easy daily steps they can take to prevent this. A little cream applied often can prevent this ever happening again. Having any crack in the skin, particularly a deep one, leaves you open to infection. As we age our skin doesn’t heal as fast and it becomes a vicious circle.

Taking some time for you each day is not ‘a luxury’; it’s a necessity for health, especially as we are so busy (rushing around after others?), and as we age. It’s easy to rub in some oil or moisturiser as we watch some TV / get ready for bed – and then start to notice the difference in your skin & nails.


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