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Flaxseed milled food supplement 200g


Flaxseed, brown, milled 200g. Add to food daily for health benefits. A source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Milled seeds aid easy digestion
  • Feed your nails from the inside
  • Helps prevent dryness and brittleness
  • Lubricates nails, natural shine

Product Description

Milled flaxseed can easily be added to your diet to benefit your overall health and your nails. I add a heaped cereal spoon into my porridge every day and I have been doing this for years, Flaxseed can be added to cereal, yogurt, smoothies, salads, baking and any other way you can think of.
Flaxseed is a source of Omega 3 fatty acids, we need to eat or supplement these as our body cannot produce them itself. I learned about the benefits from looking at the contents of Viridian Ultimate Beauty Omega Oil, of which 48% by weight is from Organic golden flaxseed oil.
This product is 100% milled brown flaxseeds, from Aldi.
Allergy advice – produced in a factory that also processed nuts, so may potentially contain traces.
For best results include nutritional support in conjunction with nail treatment and moisturising products.

A selection of products can be chosen and put together in a gift box to create a personalised gift for someone special. £2.

One Vegetarian Capsule Provides:
MAGNIFOOD Complex 525mg
Horsetail Spring Shoot (fresh freeze dried) 150mg
Nettle Leaf (fresh freeze dried) 100mg
Sea Buckthorn Berry/Leaf (fresh freeze dried) 50mg
Bilberry Fruit (fresh freeze dried) 50mg
Stabilised Rice Bran 50mg
Raw Cacao Nib 25mg
Pumpkin Seed 25mg
Gotu Kola Leaf 25mg
Burdock Root (fresh freeze dried – organic) 25mg
Watercress (fresh freeze dried) 25mg
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) 400mg
Vegetarian Capsule Shell 236mg
Vitamin C (as Ca, Mg, Zn ascorbate) 100mg
Pantothenic Acid (as calcium pantothenate) 20mg
Larch Tree Arabinogalactan 5.5mg
Zinc (as ascorbate) 5mg
Natural Beta Carotene / Mixed Carotenoids 2mg
Vitamin A (as palmitate prep. – 1250iu) 375ug
Biotin (as prep.) 100mcg
No Fillers, Binders Or Other Excipients

Capsules can be swallowed or broken into food or drink – however its easiest for you to consume them.

Vegetarian and Vegan.

No artificial colours or flavours.

FREE FROM: GM, corn, dairy, lactose, gluten, wheat, yeast, nuts, salt, soya, starch and sugar.

NRV is an abbreviation of ‘Nutrient Reference Value’. NRV’s are set for 13 vitamins and 14 minerals for the purposes of food labelling and are EU guidance levels on the daily amount of vitamin or mineral that the average healthy person needs to prevent deficiency.

Food supplement labels list the ingredients included in the product and give the proportion of the NRV value (% NRV) that is contained within the supplement e.g. vitamin C, 80mg, 100% NRV.

Additional Information

Weight 211 g
Dimensions 21.5 × 13 × 7.5 cm



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