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Maxiflex Active – moisturising gardening gloves

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Gloves for dry hands, impregnated with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to moisturise.

  • Thin nitrile, 360° breathability.
  • Ideal for precision handling.
  • Dexterity level 5/5.
  • Dermatological accreditation (Skin Health Alliance).
  • Bulk buying available.

Product Description

Check your hand size here – Lovely hands Maxiflex men’s hands

Gloves for dry hands –  they deliver a “well-being effect” during and after work. Releasing thousands of micro-encapsulated specialized ingredients which include aloe vera and vitamin E. Your hands will look and feel better for wearing these regularly. These gloves are part of the lightweight gardening gloves range, other ranges include waterproof gardening gloves, grip gardening gloves, thorn proof gloves and thermal gardening gloves. Gloves will last longer if worn for the appropriate work conditions.

Thin nitrile work gloves, ideal for detailed dry gardening e.g. sowing seeds, thinning seedlings, planting on, weeding and numerous other jobs. Also suited for various domestic tasks (housework), hobbies & pets – when you want to protect hands and keep them clean.

Lightweight professional gardening gloves. 360° fully breathable gloves – this is a rare quality and ensure that your hands are comfortable for longer.

Seam free for comfort – prevents rubbing and soreness. A glove that hugs, due to stretchy material covering the back of hand and wrist.

Dexterity 5/5. These gloves really fit so you can really feel what you are doing. Palm thickness 1 mm giving wearer accurate touch and feel. 25% thinner than traditional foam nitrile gloves. Enhanced comfort through their additional increased breathability which is up to 40% more than similar gloves.

Form, fit and feel – mimics the “hand at rest”, reducing hand fatigue and increasing comfort. DuraTech coating technology means MaxiFlex has over twice the abrasive resistance of any other glove in its class.

These gloves would make a great gift for a keen gardener.


6 Sizes; 6 S – 11 XL.

Coating: Nitrile butadiene rubber – good if sensitive to latex.

Liner: Stretch nylon

Bulk buying available see tab.

11 reviews for Maxiflex Active – moisturising gardening gloves

  1. Gwyn

    I’ve just taken my gloves off (!) after an hour of deadheading, pruning very thorny roses, neatening lawn edges and transplanting wallflower seedlings. The gloves fit very snugly and are both comfortable and sensitive yet they offer protection against thorns and brambles. I had been using rubber gloves which made my hands sweaty and did not fit so snugly (I’ve cut the top of the left hand thumb off the last two pairs when deadheading because they are so loose!) My skin feels soft after taking the gloves off.

  2. Jane

    The gloves are very good. I use them for gardening and they offer an excellent protection to my hands. They have a very close fit which feels like a second skin allowing for full dexterity of my hands. No more soil under my finger nails! Good product.

  3. Roz

    I especially love the moisturising gloves & think these will really come into their own during the winter months when my hands are especially prone to dryness and soreness. Cool colours and look good too.

  4. Penny

    I’ve never been comfortable in gloves until I tried Active for my dry prone hands. I happily garden in these now and wouldn’t be without them.

  5. Carole

    Best gardening gloves I have ever used. Fit well and you can feel what you are doing and mine have lasted ages. Definitely recommend them.

  6. Rosemary

    Having worn the usual cotton gardening gloves for years I was amazed how comfortable these gloves were – felt luxurious! They are soft, snug and stretchable with a good fitting cuff. Great for lighter work but very hard wearing none the less. No more dirty nails for me since using these gloves! As an everyday gardener, my usual cotton gloves do not last very long but these gloves are as good as new after 3 months hard use. Have already bought a replacement pair.

  7. Flo Scott (verified owner)

    Very swift delivery and the gloves are just what I was after. Thank you very much!

  8. Jacqui (verified owner)

    These gloves are the best I’ve ever had the fact that they fit so well is a big bonus too thank you x

  9. Julie Milnes (verified owner)

    And if you’re a gardener do treat yourself to the Maxiflex Moisturising Gardening Gloves. Fabulous.

    But the reason Lovelyhands stands out for me is Claire herself. She’ll go the extra mile to make sure the product you purchase is right for you.

    Keep safe and well Claire.

  10. Susan Doran

    These gloves have enabled me to do jobs that I couldn’t previously do. I have long term chronic tendonitis in my left elbow but wearing these gloves gives me the grip strength that I’ve lost. Actually managed to take 2 single bed mattresses from downstairs to upstairs (I’m 62) and could not have done this without these fantastic gloves. I have now purchased for my mum who has arthritis in her hands and refuses to give up gardening (and who can blame her) I know they are very much appreciated.

  11. Olwen Bunting (verified owner)

    Hi Clare ,gardening gloves received with thanks, very happy with them,
    price and delivery excellent.

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Additional Information

Weight 44 g
Dimensions 23 × 13.5 × 0.5 cm
Can be used for

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Designed for

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EN 388 Rating

EN 420 : 2003


CE Category

CE Category II

Men's size

Men's medium (8)
Men's med / large (9)
Men's large (10)
Men's XL (11) long fingers

Ladies size

Ladies XS (5)
Ladies small (6)
Ladies medium (7)
Ladies large (8)
Ladies XL (9)
Ladies long hands & fingers (10)
Ladies long hands & fingers (11)

Sort by Material

Free from latex, Nitrile

Glove Types

Gardening gloves – dry, precision work, Gloves for Sensitive skin, Seam free gloves, comfortable, no rubbing, Touchscreen friendly

How to size your hands for great fitting gloves

  1. Print out the Hand-Size-Guide, lay it flat on a table. Lovely Hands – Final Hand-Size-Guide
  2. Standing up, place your right hand over the blue hand outline, follow the written instructions, and keep your fingers together not splayed. Note the size number suggested and look for this in the ‘select a size’ option on the product page. Manufacturers recommend rounding up the size if you are in between.
  3. Other factors to bear in mind;
    1. If you are tall you tend to have hands needing the larger glove sizes.
    2. If your fingers are long or chunky this may also necessitate a larger size.
    3. Depending on how stretchy the fabric you may get a better fit in your lower size.

Stretchy gloves –

Ladies & men’s – Maxiflex Elite, Active and Ultimate, Showa 370, 341, 306.                    Ladies               –Tegera 90066, 90068, 90065

My personal example;

The blue outline suggests I am between a size 6 and 7, closer to the 6.

In stretchy gloves where I want to have my fingers right down to the ends I wear a 6. In leather gloves that do not have so much stretch I wear a 7. I have slim fingers.


Men – please see the table of men’s hand measurements for each individual glove on the product pages.


If in any doubt contact me or order a selection to try on at home. Returning goods is easy, please see the policy.


Lovely hands glove size guide

Lovely hands sell 4 glove manufacturers products. They are all made of different materials and modelled on slightly different hand measurements.


To help you buy online and get the best fitting gloves first time lovely hands has put together their own group of men to try on the gloves and give their size preferences. 3 key hand measurements have also been captured for most of these men, which will help you find a buddy who is most like you.

Based on this research, which is geared to help you successfully buy your correct size online, Lovely hands has overridden some of the glove labels worded descriptions in favour of a description that reflects the findings and will guide you better. This is what you will see in the select a size / choose and option box on the glove product pages.


If you have any queries please contact me and we can look at the information together and make an informed decision.


Gloves are quite a personal thing, from correct fit to preferences in material, I am here to help.




Unisex sizing description –Maxiflex &Tegera use this


Stretchy gloves –

Ladies & men’s – Maxiflex Elite, Active and Ultimate


Ladies               – Tegera 90066, 90068, 90065

Label on gloves says; (description OK for Men) Lovely hands description for men Lovely hands description for  ladies
5 – XX small 5 – X Small
6 – X small 6 – Small
7 – Small 7 – Medium
8 – Medium 8 – Medium 8 – Large
9 – Large 9 – Med / Large 9 – X Large
10 – X Large 10 – Large 10 – Ladies long hands & fingers
11 – XX Large 11 XL long fingers 11 – Ladies long hands & fingers
12 – XXX Large 12 XXL long fingers
Showa – all 3 styles are stretchy gloves
Label on gloves says; Notes
5 XS Showa 370 is bigger than Maxiflex Active size 5
6 S
7 M
8 L Fitted majority of men in all 3 gloves
9 XL Suits wide hands, or hands of tall men. 370 glove fits as XL, 341 glove is bigger than 370, 306 is really big v size 8

Download Hand Size Chart

(Download Printable Tape Measure)

No.of pairs Price each
1 £8
2-3 £7.70
4-5 £7.50
6 £7.25