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Tegera 517 thermal & waterproof gloves – leisure activites.

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Tegera 517 – great looking thermal & waterproof gloves, fit into many situations.

Product Description

Check your hand size here – Lovely hands Tegera 517 men’s hands

An ideal glove for outdoor pursuits in the winter when cold, wet and damp. Glove functions to keep hands warm and dry in minus temperatures. The whole glove is waterproof & windproof (up to, not including, cuff). Great for walking, dog walking, horse care & riding, cycling, ice skating. Looks good enough to be a winter fashion glove.

This glove is both waterproof and windproof, (up to, not including cuff), this is due to Aquathan. Aquathan is also breathable, releasing excess heat and moisture from the hands while preventing moisture from penetrating.

Perfect for shop work with refrigerators or freezers, or working inside in ice skating rinks or snow domes.

Velcro wrist fastening keeps dirt & cold out, protects watch.

Good fingertip sensitivity, flexible, good grip, good fit, comfortable.

Palm thickness 0.7 mm, 3/5 dexterity level.

Prevents risk of: abrasion injuries, blisters, grazes, scratches, lacerations, contact with dirt, skin drying out / chapping, contact with moisture, contact with damp, contact with cold.

Synthetic leather thermal gloves
Outer – Polyurethane, polyester, natural latex in stitching.
Middle – Polyethylene.
Inner – Polyester.

31 reviews for Tegera 517 thermal & waterproof gloves – leisure activites.

  1. Jordan

    I’m an ice steward at an ice rink. No day is the same. At the start of the day I could be walking around doing all the safety checks or I could be on the ice stewarding. Keeping my hands warm is key because I’m in contact with the ice and people all the time. The 517 gloves fit well, they keep in the heat and no water or ice gets inside of them. I have noticed a big difference in my hands at work now as they are warmer and they don’t freeze while I’m carrying my duties.

  2. Mary (verified owner)

    Have bought these as a Christmas present for a dog walker so can’t comment yet on how they perform but they seem perfect for the job. They arrived promptly and are well priced. Very pleased.

  3. Linda (verified owner)

    I purchased maxi flex and Tegera water pro. Just arrived so haven’t had time to test them, but products as described and good fit, I used the sizing guide. Also dispatched and with me within 24 hours although only paid for standard delivery. I will definitely order from you again.

  4. Jeanne (verified owner)

    Thank you for sending my gloves so quickly they are excellent, just right for when I am taking our little dog for a walk. Great grip on the lead and keep my hands warm as well thanks again.

  5. Steve

    It taken a few tries to find the right pair of gloves that I can use whilst out with my dog but having used these for nearly two months (including in the days when we had snow and ice to contend with) I can confirm that these are perfect.

    Firstly they are not too thick – so holding the dog lead and using the clip onto the collar is easy to do, secondly they are warm and dry (even on the cold, wet and muddy days that we are having right now) thirdly they are easy to clean (just keep them on and wipe them over with a wet cloth, two minutes later they are dry and back in my jacket pocket ready to use again) and last but not least they look good and quality made so hopefully they will last through a few winters for me.

    Having had to try a few sizes before I found a pair that fitted properly I would advise you order a bigger size than the measuring chart suggests – or contact Clare at LovelyHands who will help you find the right size.

  6. Caroline

    I thought you might like to know the gloves fit my husband perfectly and he is delighted with them. Excellent personal service, thanks.

  7. Sophie

    I wear these gloves for yard work with my horses and they are hands down the best pair of gloves I have worn for the job – LOVE that they are waterproof so no wet hands in the morning when opening gates or washing water and feed bowls. They are still nimble enough to be able to do rug fastenings. I also get super cold hands and these are superb for helping keeping my hands warm… they are durable, warm and up to an horsey job!

  8. Gen

    Dog walking gloves are excellent; practical, hardwearing and very comfortable. Can usually pick up dog poo without taking them off, although sometimes need to be removed to tie up the poo bags which is why I’m giving 4 rather than 5. However it could be that I don’t have a great deal of sensitivity in my finger tips, so someone else might well allocate a 5!

  9. Andrew (verified owner)

    Amazing gloves, use them every time I take my dogs out there warm, great grip, does the job I wanted them for. Also the service is one I have never came across before within minutes I had an email from a lady who helped me and suggested a size above what I ordered and she was spot on

  10. Bobbie (verified owner)

    I’m not confident using the internet so I phoned up to speak to someone, to check my size and how to pay as I really needed warm dog walking gloves in this weather. Clare helped me with my size and reassured me that the site was easy to use, no need to set up accounts etc… She stayed on the line until I was happy, and we said goodbye when I needed to use both hands! The gloves arrived quickly and they fit lovely. Lovely service, easy website, quick delivery, I wish all companies were like you.

  11. Rick

    Your gloves have been used in earnest over the past couple of (very cold) days ~ I was caught in a blizzard yesterday! Provided your hands aren’t very cold before you put them on they are lovely and warm and keep your hands that way. If your hands are very cold at the outset it takes a while for them to warm up, but warm up they do and then they stay warm.
    I haven’t yet had the opportunity to test them in significant rain but I am sure that they will perform well, wet snow yesterday and today has given me a pretty good idea of the gloves waterproofness! I give them a 4.5 out of 5 and I have no doubt I will be back to buy some more at some point!
    With them on I retain sufficient dexterity to do up zips, tie pooh bags, all the things that one does out walking the dog. I am very pleased. Thank you.

  12. Gillian (verified owner)

    Gloves arrived today, perfect fit, feel really nice on. Will be great for walking dogs. Excellent service.

  13. John (verified owner)

    Have been using these gloves for dog walking for a couple months now and they work well- warm, not too bulky and waterproof. I measured my hand (knuckle circ 20 cm
    Hand length 19-20 cm
    Middle finger length 8 cm) and looking at the sizing guides, decided to order size 9 gloves. Clare from ‘Lovely Hands’ got in touch and suggested that size 11 might be more suitable for my hand size, so ended up getting three sizes to try (9, 10& 11). Settled on size 10 and am very happy with these. Returned the other 2 pairs and was promptly refunded by Clare. I must say the service I received from Clare was excellent and these gloves do the job for dog walking activities.

  14. Alex (verified owner)

    Excellent product, excellent service. Ordered Wednesday pm, arrived Thursday am. Highly recommended

  15. Clare (verified owner)

    Very happy with the gloves and speedy service. Thank you.

  16. Lisa (verified owner)

    Purchased a pair of the “Tegera 517 thermal & waterproof gloves“ for walking the dogs and I have not been disappointed! Lovely and warm but also very practical I would highly recommend buying a pair. And at £12 they are a bargain in comparison to similar branded gloves. Well worth it!

  17. Alison (verified owner)

    Excellent Service. I ordered one day and my gloves arrived the next. I used the size guide on the web site and was a bit dubious as I usually have trouble finding gloves to fit. However, it worked and although I haven’t had chance to wear the gloves yet, but they seem warm, good quality and above all, fit! I will very probably come back at some time soon for some new gardening gloves too. Thank you Clare.

  18. Jacquiline Maclachlan (verified owner)

    Really quick service – ordered on Tuesday night and had them by Thursday. Gloves are very high quality, exactly what I was after for chilly walks with the dog! I used the size chart and they fit perfectly. Highly recommended! 🙂

  19. Helen Buchan (verified owner)

    Was recommended this from a Rhodesian Ridgeback Facebook page so thought I’d give them a go I have 4 horses and 2 dogs so as you can imagine I’m outside quite a bit! I have used them and find they are doing what they say on the tin! Super fast delivery from company and well packaged! Would recommend highly as reasonably priced unlike some equestrian wear. L

  20. Brian Murdoch (verified owner)

    Bought these gloves for walking the dog ordered them one day and they arrived the next day. Tried them on and they fit great and feel good quality, will probably be back for a pair for the garden at the start of the year.

  21. Jackie Powell (verified owner)

    great service arrived very promptly and fit great and feel lovely. I`ve bought them for dog walking in winter and I think they will be perfect for the job.

  22. Carol (verified owner)

    I received my Tegera gloves yesterday and I just wanted to say thank you – they are fab. I wore them for walking the dog this morning and they are cosy enough to keep me warm but I was also able to feel enough through them for feeding him training treats and clipping him on and off the lead without feeling like I was wearing boxing gloves.

    I’m so pleased I used the size guide provided as my hands are quite small and slim. I ordered the size 6 and they fit perfectly.

    Also, thanks for the little note inside the parcel. It’s personal touches like this that makes people remember you and want to come back.

  23. Victoria Grrenall (verified owner)

    I bought the thermal waterproof gloves for horse riding and they arrived last week, they are AMAZING. I have just ordered 2 more pairs for my mum also! Ready for winter now! ??

  24. Lucy Bentley (verified owner)

    Lovely warm gloves… I bought a pair as a present and have now gone back to get some for myself!

  25. Lauren Clements (verified owner)

    Fab product and fantastic quick service! These gloves are great for at the stables, very waterproof and keep my fingers warmer than any other gloves I’ve tried. Loved the personal touch of sending a hand written note with the gloves!

  26. Charlotte Barnes (verified owner)

    These gloves are AMAZING! I have horses and suffer terribly with finger pain in the winter due to Raynaud’s disease. The gloves keep my hands dry which prevents pain setting in and the super soft lining is warm and comfortable.

  27. Sarah Holloway (verified owner)

    Hi, I have just worn my news gloves for a rather chilly dog walk. They are a good fit, warm and a real bonus is that I can secure them around my wrists so my wayward puppy can’t steal them ?

  28. Eleanor Warner (verified owner)

    though my original ones have lost all their grip and worn through on my thumbs .. they have served me really well through 18 months of yard work !! kept me warm on metal handles and yet given me the dexterity to do up buckles on cold days – so thank you !!

  29. Jackie Dyson (verified owner)

    I have recently bought some Tegera 517 – thermal and waterproof gardening gloves, which I find totally perfect for walking the dogs. Thank you.

  30. Moira Maughan (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for the gloves which you sent in double quick time. My sister visited at the weekend and after trying hers on I couldn’t resist ordering some. They will be perfect when I next go out on my bike.

  31. Sheila L (verified owner)

    Hi Clare
    Just to say the gloves have arrived today. They are just what I was looking for and
    the fit is perfect.
    Thank you.

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Weight 101 g
Dimensions 25.5 × 11 × 2 cm
Can be used for

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Designed for

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EN 420 : 2003


EN 511:2006 Cold


CE Category

CE Category II

Ladies size

Ladies medium (8)
Ladies large (9)
Ladies XL (9)
Ladies long hands & fingers (10)
Ladies long hands & fingers (11)

Men's size

Men’s medium (8)
Men’s med/large (9)
Men’s large (10)
Men’s XL (11)

Sort by Material

Synthetic leather (PU)

Glove Types - Leisure

Thermal gloves, Waterproof gloves, Windproof gloves

EN 388:2003


How to size your hands for great fitting gloves

  1. Print out the Hand-Size-Guide, lay it flat on a table. Lovely Hands – Final Hand-Size-Guide
  2. Standing up, place your right hand over the blue hand outline, follow the written instructions, and keep your fingers together not splayed. Note the size number suggested and look for this in the ‘select a size’ option on the product page. Manufacturers recommend rounding up the size if you are in between.
  3. Other factors to bear in mind;
    1. If you are tall you tend to have hands needing the larger glove sizes.
    2. If your fingers are long or chunky this may also necessitate a larger size.
    3. Depending on how stretchy the fabric you may get a better fit in your lower size.

Stretchy gloves –

Ladies & men’s – Maxiflex Elite, Active and Ultimate, Showa 370, 341, 306.                    Ladies               –Tegera 90066, 90068, 90065

My personal example;

The blue outline suggests I am between a size 6 and 7, closer to the 6.

In stretchy gloves where I want to have my fingers right down to the ends I wear a 6. In leather gloves that do not have so much stretch I wear a 7. I have slim fingers.


Men – please see the table of men’s hand measurements for each individual glove on the product pages.


If in any doubt contact me or order a selection to try on at home. Returning goods is easy, please see the policy.


Lovely hands glove size guide

Lovely hands sell 4 glove manufacturers products. They are all made of different materials and modelled on slightly different hand measurements.


To help you buy online and get the best fitting gloves first time lovely hands has put together their own group of men to try on the gloves and give their size preferences. 3 key hand measurements have also been captured for most of these men, which will help you find a buddy who is most like you.

Based on this research, which is geared to help you successfully buy your correct size online, Lovely hands has overridden some of the glove labels worded descriptions in favour of a description that reflects the findings and will guide you better. This is what you will see in the select a size / choose and option box on the glove product pages.


If you have any queries please contact me and we can look at the information together and make an informed decision.


Gloves are quite a personal thing, from correct fit to preferences in material, I am here to help.




Unisex sizing description –Maxiflex &Tegera use this


Stretchy gloves –

Ladies & men’s – Maxiflex Elite, Active and Ultimate


Ladies               – Tegera 90066, 90068, 90065

Label on gloves says; (description OK for Men) Lovely hands description for men Lovely hands description for  ladies
5 – XX small 5 – X Small
6 – X small 6 – Small
7 – Small 7 – Medium
8 – Medium 8 – Medium 8 – Large
9 – Large 9 – Med / Large 9 – X Large
10 – X Large 10 – Large 10 – Ladies long hands & fingers
11 – XX Large 11 XL long fingers 11 – Ladies long hands & fingers
12 – XXX Large 12 XXL long fingers
Showa – all 3 styles are stretchy gloves
Label on gloves says; Notes
5 XS Showa 370 is bigger than Maxiflex Active size 5
6 S
7 M
8 L Fitted majority of men in all 3 gloves
9 XL Suits wide hands, or hands of tall men. 370 glove fits as XL, 341 glove is bigger than 370, 306 is really big v size 8

Download Hand Size Chart

(Download Printable Tape Measure)