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Tegera 519 – thermal and waterproof gardening gloves

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Thin thermal gloves, fleece lined, good fingertip sensitivity, flexible, good grip, good fit, comfortable.

  • Thermal waterproof gloves for work.
  • Windproof.
  • Synthetic leather glove, latex stitching.
  • For precision handling, dexterity level 3/5.
  • Slip on gloves, extended sleeve.
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Product Description

Check your hand size here – Lovely hands Tegera 517 men’s hands

Thin thermal waterproof gloves for work. Gardening in the cold & wet or when plants are wet. Keeping hands warm and dry in damp environments. The whole glove is thermal, waterproof & windproof (up to, not including, cuff). Glove functions to keep hands warm and dry in minus temperatures.

This glove is both waterproof and windproof, (up to, not including cuff), this is due to Aquathan. Aquathan is also breathable, releasing excess heat and moisture from the hands while preventing moisture from penetrating.

Insulated work gloves. Ideal for gardening, allotments, agriculture and repair work in cold & wet conditions.

Palm thickness 0.7 mm, 3/5 dexterity level.

Prevents risk of: abrasion injuries, blisters, grazes, scratches, lacerations, contact with dirt, chapping, contact with damp, contact with cold.

These gloves would make a great gift for a keen gardener.

If you would like just the palms of the glove to be waterproof with great grip please browse the waterproof gardening glove category.

If you would prefer a fully waterproof latex glove please refer to the Showa 306.

Click this link if you would like to view more thermal gardening gloves.

Synthetic leather gloves.

Outer – Polyurethane, polyester, natural latex in the stitching.
Middle – Polyethylene.
Inner – Polyester.

1 review for Tegera 519 – thermal and waterproof gardening gloves

  1. Angela (verified owner)

    I have poor circulation anyway and restricted blood flow in my left arm and my hands are always cold which is a nightmare since I have a horse and dogs. I wore these for the first time last night and they kept my hands lovely and warm and have a good level of dexterity. I might try another in this range as well and my house mate is already eyeing my gloves up…

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Additional Information

Weight 87 g
Dimensions 27 × 13 × 2.5 cm
Can be used for

, ,

Designed for

, ,


, , , , ,


Select a size

Ladies small (6), Ladies medium (7)

How to size your hands for great fitting gloves

  1. Print out the Hand-Size-Guide, lay it flat on a table. Lovely Hands – Final Hand-Size-Guide
  2. Standing up, place your right hand over the blue hand outline, follow the written instructions, and keep your fingers together not splayed. Note the size number suggested and look for this in the ‘select a size’ option on the product page. Manufacturers recommend rounding up the size if you are in between.
  3. Other factors to bear in mind;
    1. If you are tall you tend to have hands needing the larger glove sizes.
    2. If your fingers are long or chunky this may also necessitate a larger size.
    3. Depending on how stretchy the fabric you may get a better fit in your lower size.

Stretchy gloves –

Ladies & men’s – Maxiflex Elite, Active and Ultimate, Showa 370, 341, 306.                    Ladies               –Tegera 90066, 90068, 90065

My personal example;

The blue outline suggests I am between a size 6 and 7, closer to the 6.

In stretchy gloves where I want to have my fingers right down to the ends I wear a 6. In leather gloves that do not have so much stretch I wear a 7. I have slim fingers.


Men – please see the table of men’s hand measurements for each individual glove on the product pages.


If in any doubt contact me or order a selection to try on at home. Returning goods is easy, please see the policy.


Lovely hands glove size guide

Lovely hands sell 4 glove manufacturers products. They are all made of different materials and modelled on slightly different hand measurements.


To help you buy online and get the best fitting gloves first time lovely hands has put together their own group of men to try on the gloves and give their size preferences. 3 key hand measurements have also been captured for most of these men, which will help you find a buddy who is most like you.

Based on this research, which is geared to help you successfully buy your correct size online, Lovely hands has overridden some of the glove labels worded descriptions in favour of a description that reflects the findings and will guide you better. This is what you will see in the select a size / choose and option box on the glove product pages.


If you have any queries please contact me and we can look at the information together and make an informed decision.


Gloves are quite a personal thing, from correct fit to preferences in material, I am here to help.




Unisex sizing description –Maxiflex &Tegera use this


Stretchy gloves –

Ladies & men’s – Maxiflex Elite, Active and Ultimate


Ladies               – Tegera 90066, 90068, 90065

Label on gloves says; (description OK for Men) Lovely hands description for men Lovely hands description for  ladies
5 – XX small 5 – X Small
6 – X small 6 – Small
7 – Small 7 – Medium
8 – Medium 8 – Medium 8 – Large
9 – Large 9 – Med / Large 9 – X Large
10 – X Large 10 – Large 10 – Ladies long hands & fingers
11 – XX Large 11 XL long fingers 11 – Ladies long hands & fingers
12 – XXX Large 12 XXL long fingers
Showa – all 3 styles are stretchy gloves
Label on gloves says; Notes
5 XS Showa 370 is bigger than Maxiflex Active size 5
6 S
7 M
8 L Fitted majority of men in all 3 gloves
9 XL Suits wide hands, or hands of tall men. 370 glove fits as XL, 341 glove is bigger than 370, 306 is really big v size 8

Download Hand Size Chart

(Download Printable Tape Measure)