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Tegera 90050 Gauntlets – protection from cats.


Tegera 90050 – protection from cats. Long cuffs to protect the mid arm, these are versatile and durable gloves.

  • Long (23 – 24 cm) leather gauntlet gloves.
  • Half lined. Contains latex stitching.
  • Good levels of flexibility and a comfortable fit.
  • Reinforced Thumb.
  • Manufacturer has discontinued so don’t wait!
  • Click here for alternative gauntlet glove

Product Description

If your cat goes for you with claws and teeth when you groom or give them medication, a gauntlet might be the solution for both of you.

Offering protection to your hands up to mid arm. I have found that it calms my cats down a bit as they realise that their attack is not achieving anything and that I have a firm grip on them and the procedure will continue.

Good levels of flexibility and a comfortable fit.

  • Protection from cat scratches & bites
  • Whilst grooming
  • When giving oral medicine
  • When applying flea treatment pipette

A beautiful black & red design with a decorative rose on the back of the hand – nice for you, wasted on the cats!

Leather (split grain cow hide), nylon, natural latex in stitching. Cotton liner.

Click here for alternative gauntlet glove. 


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Weight 174 g
Dimensions 32 × 14 × 2 cm
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EN 420 : 2003


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