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Selecting the right size glove

How to size your hands for industrial gloves so you achieve a tailored fit

  1. Print out the Hand Size Chart, lay it flat on a table.
  2. Standing up, place your right hand over the blue hand outline, follow the written instructions, and keep your fingers together not splayed. Note the size number suggested. Alternatively you can measure the circumference of your hand over the knuckles (widest part) and reference this on the table under ‘Hand Palm circumference’.
  3. Next measure your hand length as per illustration below, factor in your nails as well. Refer to the ‘Hand length’ column on the Hand sizing chart.


  1. Taking the 2 or 3 pieces of measurement information you choose your size.

Clare’s personal example;

The blue outline suggests I am a size 7.

My palm circumference at the knuckles is 180mm – referring to the Hand size chart this suggests I am a size 7.

My Hand length is 160mm which suggests I am a size 6.

This tells me that I have a shorter length hand than width for a typical size 7. I am happy wearing either a size 6 or a 7, but to really get the dexterity in my fingertips I opt for size 6. The fabric is stretchy so even in the size smaller it goes over my knuckles fine.


If you are a little smaller than a 6 or larger than 11 on the Hand Sizing chart please refer to sizes 5 and 12 below – the rest of the size info is the same.

Download Hand Size Chart