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There is a long association with leather driving gloves, it started in the early 20th century when the cars were open topped and the steering wheels made from wood. Leather was a natural, readily available material way before man made fabrics, it was warm, fitted snugly and gave good grip and dexterity. A century on and nothing can really beat it as the material of choice for winter driver gloves for both men and women.

Leather gloves are more pleasant to put on and retain the warmth from your hands if they are warm in the first place, so keep them inside your house with your coat and put them on before leaving the house. A slim fitting, yet warm pair of leather driving gloves will not impede you handling keys, opening and closing doors, collecting the post, holding bags, buckling in children to car seats or holding a dogs leash. Winter driving gloves will also be warm and tough enough for scraping ice from the car windows due to a built in fleece lining, and yet not bulky at all. When in the drivers seat, setting controls the gloves offer full dexterity and the ability to feel everything through them. And finally, they look great on your hands on the steering wheel, but more importantly the grip is there.

The Tegera 117 Ladies and men’s leather driving gloves have a leather palm and finger tips for protection when in contact with cold, icy, wet surfaces, a silky silver grey fabric covering to the back of the hand that is attractive and looks good with smart or casual outfits. They have a fleece winter lining and an elasticated wrist with a velcro cuff to really fit snugly and retain warmth. When your hands and car are up to temperature and you want to remove the gloves the velco is easy to peel back and the hand released effortlessly.

There are 6 sizes in the Tegera 117 leather glove range, from a 6 XS to an 11 XL for long hands and long fingers, there is a size guide available to ensure you find the most suitable pair for yourself or person you are buying for.

Wishing you happy winter driving.