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Lovely hands 12 cm of silk editedLovely hands 12 cm of silk edited

Silk nail wraps – to support split nails

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Silk nail wraps.12 cm of silk strip to be cut to fit your nails to offer support when there is a longitudinal split (from cuticle to tip)

  • Lightly adhesive back, to stick to nail.
  • Picture 1 shows a bare nail with split (ring finger).
  • Picture 2 shows 1 coat of nailtiques formula 3.
  • Picture 3 shows a silk square applied.
  • Picture 4 shows the nail after a second coat of nailtiques.

Product Description

Silk wrap nails to aid nail repair. To help support and fix a longitudinal (from cuticle to tip) split in a finger nail. A latitudinal (across the free edge) split nail should just be cut off and filed, it can’t be saved in my opinion.

Nailtiques protein formula 3 is going to bind with your nail and become and remain part of its structure. Using non acetone remover means that the protein formula can accumulate and not be fully removed each time. The silk wrap will go over the top to offer physical support to the nail split.

The silk wrap forms a physical support over the nail split, encouraging the new nail coming off the nail bed to the free edge to stay together. In my experience, the current free edge is still split and will continue to split backwards to the nail bed unless physical support is also there. Keep the nail as short as possible until you can see it is joined together growing out, this can take months. It goes without saying that you will need to be very protective of this hand / nail until it heals. You may need to retrain yourself in many ways to avoid repeated damage to the healing nail.

How to apply silk –

  • Starting with a bare nail I apply 1 thin coat of Nailtiques protein formula 3* (*you might require a different Formula)  to the nail, trying to cap the tip and get some underneath the free edge if possible as well. This is important as it is the Nailtiques that is going to bind with the nail to treat and improve it.
  • Cut a small square of silk, separate it from its backing paper and apply the slightly sticky side to the nail. Make sure you have small sharp scissors so that the silk is not pulled and distorted. You can create a curved edge to fit your nails, if some hangs over the edge it can be filed later.
  • Ensure the silk is in place and and paint Nailtiques  protein formula 3* over the top, cap the tip and get some underneath again.
  • When dry it is possible to lightly file any stray bits of silk on the free edge. Always use a good quality file with lots of life in it, as per scissors blunt tools just pull the silk. File lightly in a downwards direction.
  • Continue to apply Nailtiques Formula 3 every other day.

Silk v Micropore tape – Silk is thinner and less visible when on the nail. Its slightly more fiddly to handle as its light and delicate. Micropore is thicker, easier to handle and stick, I cover it over with nail polish, after having used Nailtiques.

Please refer to my blogs for more information.

I also recommend wearing gloves for everything you do involving water, to protect nails and skin in general but particularly when trying to repair a split.

Hair washing – I have found that hair can get into a nail split very easily and this will set back the healing process. I would recommend wearing Nitrile gloves for hair washing during the healing process.

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Additional Information

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 12 × 1 × 0.1 cm
Nail Types

Hard, brittle, split nails

1 review for Silk nail wraps – to support split nails

  1. Alyson S (verified owner)

    Hi Clare

    This is my review as promised- apologies for the lengthy delay.

    So, I am post menopausal and suffer with dry nails, some are ridged and those ridges split from the top of the nail down the nail bed- opening up like a zip, they have been like that for a few years and the splits catch on everything and despite filing the split out it just gets worse, splitting again further down the nail. Over the years I have used plasters, sellotape, glue but nothing worked until I discovered by chance, the blog written by Clare in September.

    Following a disastrous first dabble with gel my nails were at their very worst and I purchased the strip of silk and protein fro. Clare. Following Clare’s advice, and the protein instructions, for 3 months my nails are the best they have ever been.

    I add the protein every other day over 7 days and inbetween I massage nail oil into the nail beds, after 7 days I remove and start over again. I have kept the application of varnish to a minimum, special occasionsonly, and I keep the nail oil in my bath robe so it is handy every night i massage it in whilst I sit and watching tv. I use the silk to cover the splits and put the protein and varnish when used over the top, the silk covers really well – no glue – the protein makes it stick. You need very sharp nail scissors to cut tiny pieces of the silk, it’s a bit fiddly and you have to take your time but the results are worth it. I wear gloves for washing up, housework and now washing my hair to protect my nails. Clare said it would likely take 3 months and it has! There is no quick fix and it takes time and ongoing commitment but it is worth it so give it a try.

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